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Make a donation to the Cultural Conversations project via PayPal to help publish more interviews



The Australia Korea Foundation of the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, Canberra, Australia, has sponsored the project through a grant in their 2014/2015 grant round.

The grant was to assist in one interview in Korea and to help meet the costs of the exhibition at Gallery LVS in Seoul during 2016.



The Australian Embassy, Seoul, provided a grant to assist the costs of hosting the exhibition at Gallery LVS in Seoul in 2016



The Korean Cultural Centre Australia sponsored the project through providing the finances to host the exhibition at the Centre in Sydney in 2016. They met all costs, including freight, insurance, opening costs, etc.


Gallery LVS, Seoul, South Korea

Gallery LVS in Seoul sponsored the project by waiving all gallery fees and hosting the Seoul exhibition at their gallery in Gangnam in 2016.
They also allowed their staff to work on the organisation of the exhibition, without which organising the exhibition would have been very difficult.


Samsung Electronic Australia

Samsung Electronics Australia sponsored the project by providing fourteen of their tablet computers to the Korean Cultural Centre Australia exhibition, enabling visitors to wander around the exhibition and access online information about any artist, including their published interview on the Cultural Conversations web site.


Asia Culture Centre, Gwangju, South Korea

The Asia Culture Centre (ACC) in Gwangju, South Korea, has provided the finances to record and publish the interview with Korean artist, Kang Un. The money was provided through a residency for one of our directors, Dr. Bob Jansen, as part of their Creator-in-Lab program.
ACC is department within the South Korean Government's Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism.


Cultural Conversations is a not for profit project and looks for sponsorship from third parties to fund its activities. See below for some sponsorship packages

If you would like to sponsor this project or an interview with your favorite eminent artist, please contact Dr. Bob Jansen, via email to discuss how you can best contribute.

We will consider any realistic proposal and work with you to determine the most effective way your sponsorship can be acknowledged.


Interview in English: from AU$1,000
Interview in Korean: KRW5,000,000

For an interview recorded in the Sydney region, costs start from $1,000. This covers everything from planning to publishing with us providing all resources.

If the interview takes place outside of the Sydney region, the costs would increase to cover travel and accommodation costs, as necessary.

Interstate interviews would be scheduled so as to record as many interviews as possible within a single visit to that state. 

For this sponsorship, you:
* can nominate the eminent artist of your choice, acceptance is subject to agreement by the Selection Committee
* get acknowledgement on the interview that you have sponsored and on the project's acknowedgements page
* can attend the recording of your nominated artist's interview, subject to their approval (at your own costs)
* can place a link on your company's or your individual web page to your sponsored interview

The difference in cost between English and Korean is for the additional work of translating the transcript from Korean into English and the fact that transcription in English is fairly well automated whilst for Korean it remains a manual activity.


Financial amount subject to the number of artists on the theme that are to be interviewed, at the INTERVIEW SPONSOR rate per interview

For this sponsorship, you:
* can nominate one appropriate theme and up to ten candidate artists, acceptance is subject to agreement by the Selection Committee
* get acknowledgement on the interviews that are part of the theme and on the project's acknowedgements page
* can attend the recording of all your theme's interviews, subject to approval from the interviewees (at your own cost)
* get regular updates about the progress in recording and publishing your theme's artists
* get a personal invitation to the theme's launch
* have your theme sponsorship acknowledged on all documents publicising the theme
* can place a link on your company's or your individual web page to all your theme's interviews