Starting business

Helge's birth

Starting painting

Can't live from being an artist


Starting an apprenticeship

Finishing the apprenticeship

Art and Design School, Copenhagen


Working in America

Return to Denmark

Starting own workshop

Meeting Darani

Darani's background

An artists' household

Becoming a jeweller

Meeting Nina Ratsip

Exhibition at David Jones' gallery

Going to Britain

Working at Paris House

Go to go to Denmark

Meeting Helge

Forefront of Danish design

Conservative Australia

Danish design available to everyone

Jewellery highly regarding

Working alongside Helge

Most wonderful opportunity

Work was selling?

Location of workshop

American tourists

Why leave Denmark?

Loosing the partner

Start of the personal relationship

Going to London

Problem working in Denmark

Come back to Australia

Australians don't like beards

Establishing the practice in Australia

Working in The Rocks

We can't live here

Marry if successful exhibition

The first exhibition in Australia

Ugly work

Only make unique work

The Australian bush

Exploring movement in jewellery

Other influences

No real influences

Developing own work

Combining individual interests

Specific instance of Helge's interest


Fascinated by structure

Moving to Seaforth

Starting teaching

Nature of collaboration

Working in the workshop

Ideas come together in the final piece

Complementing each other

Relative strengths

Share ideas and concepts

Areas of work

Do commissions push you?

The first commission

Working with Mona Hessing

Working with textiles

Jewellery versus silversmithing

Working with clients

Liturgical work

DNA and the UTS Mace

Proving the thoery of DNA

The Wentworth Memorial Church commission

Conservative churches

The Myer Performing Arts Award

Sculpture reflecting performance

The Moya Dyring studio

Life at the Cité International des Arts

A big change in life

Taking the children to school

Getting to know Paris

Patterns of the streets

The Paris ring

Combining French and Australian monuments in jewellery

A new visual language

The Bonython Galleries exhibition

Paris influences

Making friends at the Cité

Not influenced by people

Drawn to ancient works

Breaking out in Australia

Seeing things with fresh eyes

Importance of travel

International exchanges

First exhibition in Vienna

Gallery of Graben

Visiting professor in Salzburg

Teaching in different languages

Learn some languages


Losing track of what's going on

Showing Australian contemporary jewellery

Japanese influences

But he's Danish

Cross Currents exhibition

Abandoning precious metals

Organisjng an exhibition in Europe

Support of the Crafts Board

Solo exhibitions in Europe

Exhibiting in Paris, Estonia, Finland and Latvia

Travelling the exhibition

Public roles

Darani at the Crafts Board

Helge at Sydney College of the Arts

Head of jewellery

Head of art school

Found objects

Realising full potential of found objects

Women in Arts festival and the found object

Worn Issues exhibition

Peace and Nuclear War in the Australian landscape

Using acrylic instead of enamel

Visiting Central Australia

Finding discarded pieces

A social history part of work

Keeping good Danish design as foundation

Not too heavy or awkward

Influence of Sydney Harbour

Don't like winter

Inspiration from sunny days

Contribution to jewellery

Seeing jewellery like sulpture

Consistency of practice

Thank you