Drawing, no colour

Allowed to use colour

Doing full colour drawings

A born colourist

Don't worry about drawing

Brett Whitely, Tony McGillick

Messenger boys

Good models

Drawing Rodin statues

Life classes

Didn't want critiscism

Off to the bush

Sofala and Hill End

Painting competitions

Painting came slowly


1960 and 1967, the London years

Impressed by Greece

Almost married

Frescoes and fishing

Brendisi, France and London

Brett Whitely in France

Forging French impressionists

Finishing of the frames, gold leaf

Fixing a Turner

Touched up parts anonymous

Terrible jobs

Barry Hurst and teaching

No clue how to begin

I can teach drawing

Drawing in perspective

Tone, line and colour

What is he up to?

Mondrian lines around the Earth

Successful students

My generation, successful

Artists influences

Visiting art galleries with Brett

Roger Hilton and the shock of the new

Looking at the contrasts in the environment

The Baptism and ther Nativity

Pay homage to paintings

The Laurencetti brothers

London and Francis Bacon

Abstractionists appealed

Influenced by Leon Pollock Smith

Try not to be like father

When did hard edged work begin

Baby Matthew's insight

Chopped of horizons

The edge of the moon

The bottom is important

Bars in the work

Colour independent of the painting

A sculptor that paints

A practical solution

The United States, 1969 to 1975

Lyrical abstraction post Larry Poons

Slow High and the AGNSW

Back to three dimensional things

The wall as the space frame

Bars like steps

The impossible object

Living in New York

Buying a Rolls Royce

Semi advertising for doctor's journals

Drawing realistic things so a doctor could understand

The impact of travel

Restless since childhood

Fascinated by tribal things

Getting back to inspiration

Go by a road you don't know

Discover my brushes, rice paper and ink


Painting as a dance

Provoked by association of forms

The path of the moon

Colour of the winds

Aware of everything around me

Becoming gestural

Pigment over my feet

Negative becomes a positive

Occupy the surface of a painting

Sculpture in Queensland

Sandwiches too sweet

Life of the tribe and such

David Malangi and cormorants

The cormorant totem

Stepping out of the painting

Where water meets the land

Drawing the edge of the sand

Reveal by texture

Pictures as drawings and paintings

Celebrate the energy of the page

Like spinning a web

Secret code of the Golden Means

Not doing the same thing twice

Multidimensional works

Painting like an altarpiece

Fluctuation space

Braced by the bars